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San Marcos de Belen

Agros is an organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for rural families in Central America. Meadowbrook—supporting the vision of Agros—will be directly supporting the village of San Marcos de Belen, Nicaragua for four years, starting February 2013. Did you read that? God will be using us to help build a village in Nicaragua for four years! This is quite an undertaking, but we know that the unfathomable riches of our God is in our hearts.

What is Agros International?

Since 1982 Agros International has helped families in South America build self-sustaining and thriving communities. Agros means ‘land’ in both Latin and Greek, and they work to provide landless, rural, poor families access to agricultural land, long-term credit, and training, so families are able to start, develop and eventually own an economically sustainable village. Agros’ unique approach based on empowerment through land loans and training, has helped thousands of Central American and Mexican families learn to dream again. For these families and villages, life will never be the same. Through Agros’ time-tested, practical assistance, they have gained the land and skills to build a better future.

Meadowbrook’s Sneak Peek!

Some of our very own Meadowbrook families have already visited San Marcos de Belen in Nicaragua. The Thompson Family and the Cobb Family have had personal experiences and met the people of San Marcos.
“My relationship with Agros and the people of San Marcos has helped in making me far more aware of people and what makes us similar, instead of our differences…this helps me learn more from them, I especially admire how much they rely on God and how that enables Hope, but doesn’t decrease their action/hard work. My experience in San Marcos also prompted me to help with ESL because I experienced the difficulty a language barrier has on what I believe to be the most important part of being human, relationships.” - Jennifer Thompson

God Moves through Our Prayer!

Please pray with us as we enter into this amazing partnership of support and love. We pray:

  • That the people of San Marcos will have opportunities for health, education and spiritual growth.
  • That their crops and businesses would yield enough to meet the needs of each family.
  • That God will become personal in their lives and that His wisdom will guide Agros and Meadowbrook as we seek to support their journey.