SHARE Group Studies

Spring 2018

Groups begin the week of April 9th.

Is God challenging you to grow in your walk with Him?

Are you new to Meadowbrook Church and you want to get to know new people?



Sign up for your SHARE group starting on Sunday, April 9th.

Sign ups go until April 16th!



  • Scroll to the bottom of this page
  • Enter your information and check all the boxes that apply
  • Enjoy your SHARE Group!

For this 10 week session you have a choice of 10 different groups offering biblical focus on books of the Bible and more. Most groups are set to last for 10 weeks, but you have the choice of continuing to invest in the relationships that just begin there! Each group does at least one community project in the community as they seek to BE the love of Jesus in a tangible way to our world.

Groups are led by trained leaders who are committed to serving Jesus and you over the 10 weeks of group life so that you not only have a positive experience, but are helped and encouraged as you follow after Jesus.